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Business Coaching by Dan DeMuth


Are the daily demands of running your buss bogging you down? Have you lost your ability to efficiently manage your team?

Business owners often forget that their ability to increase profits is directly proportional to their ability to bring a team together.

Our fully customized business coaching plans focus on the most common issues face by teams: communication, goal setting, distractions, creativity, and many more.

What makes us unique in our approach in helping individuals self-discover? Our guided discovery program helps you open up to the possibilities and learn through experience to reach your overall intention and goals. 


The program includes:

  • Round table discussions with non-judgement feedback

  • Help individuals realize the answers are within—proper coaching allows for the team and individuals to become aware of how they are thinking beyond their perceived limitations

  • Inspired Experience—bring joy into the workplace—enjoy the challenge

  • Exercises to help establish respect within the team

  • Help for recognizing mistakes and overcoming adversity

  • Tools for dealing with your thoughts, feelings and emotions

  • Tips for staying in the moment

  • The ability to design the life and performance that you seek

The day to day tasks of business management can pile up quickly, leaving you and your employees feeling and unable to stay focused on the big picture. With our business coaching expertise, we can help you refocus on your vision and reel back in your team's innovative abilities and push your business to the next level.

Whether you own a fortune 500 company or a small family business, your benefit will be tremendous and immediately noticeable. Employee satisfaction will improve, morale will thrive and profits will rise using our business coaching process. We help business from every size and market transform their teams.

"With the demands of running my business it was hard to give up control to grain control. The Discovery allowed me to not only believe in myself, but also my team."

- Bonnie C, a Business Owner

Performance In Motion
Executive Teams

Great minds are gathering. Bring yous!

Our program will take your top performers and push them to the next level of creativity and passion. Our program works because your team members will:

  • Leave better understanding of themselves and each other

  • Learn tools to grow their leadership skills

  • Be inspired to grow the business

We coach for clarity and alignment—while having fun! With this customizable program you can:

  • Set measurable goals for your executive team

  • Increase positive and productive communication with colleagues and clients

  • Identify distractions and eliminate negative perceptions

Our program consists of several team building exercises and open discussions. A per-assessment brings clarity to your current situation and helps define areas where your team needs improvement. We'll bring these areas to light in a roundtable discussion.

Your executive team is your Alpha team, and our program is designed to enhance their creative abilities, drive, and commitment to making the business more profitable and valuable. We help you identify your team's greatest strength and teach you how to capitalize on them—using these strengths, your executive team will refine their vision and goals.

"Because we have been able to listen to each others ideas and be open to making them better, as a team within the first month we earned an additional $300,00."

- David W. Vice President of Wells Fargo

Sales Team

Our business coaching program is designed to increase your sales team productivity and sales numbers almost immediately.

How our Discovery program benefit your sales team:

  • Increase effective and respectful communication with colleagues and clients

  • Learn to view let-downs as an opportunity to increase confidence and improve work satisfaction

  • Build a strong sales reputation and increase profits

Focus is critical when building up your sales team. Challenging your team members through focus exercises will help your sales team increase productivity and eliminate employee turnover. Our approach increases accountability as well as employee satisfaction.

Family Business

When family businesses go through our program, they benefit from a better understanding of perception VS reality.

Our business coaching and experiential learning allows your family to improve communication and increase productivity. Family business coaching will help employees:

  • Develop positive and productive thought patterns

  • improve quality of life and openness to communication

  • Improve upon productive and respectful communication with colleagues

  • Increase profits and business efficiency

With our family coaching strategies, you will help your employees identify their personal strengths and the strengths of the team. Your team will create a clear and concise vision and develop strategies for how to achieve this vision through teamwork, communication and innovation.

Your family business depends heavily on each employee to communicate clearly and meaningfully with one another. Using our process, you avoid some distracting pitfalls that rise in family business. We are excited to share what our proven methods of family business coaching can do for you and your team.

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