Tim Herkenhoff - Athlete, Trainer & Manager 

Tim knew that he wanted more out of life, he didn’t know who to turn too to describe his current situation. He enjoyed his management job as a sports performance trainer and knew there was more for himself to achieve. When he attended college, he played on the football team in which he enjoyed the challenge and competition.

He dabbled in modeling and acting but wasn’t sure how to move forward with this as a career.

Tim needed to be challenged out side of what he knew. He wasn’t a golfer, but the activity was great awareness for him to attend the Discovery series. The power Of Focus allowed him to see new possible in creative thinking as well as take action on other areas of his life that he could relate too. It was the start to opening up a new thought process. Tim began to believe in himself when taking on new acting and modeling jobs. His passion was now starting to show up in his work. We were working on what you can’t see to achieve in what you would like to have happen. It seemed kind of strange to Tim at the beginning that he could learn so much through the Power of Focus and some of the golf activities that were directly relating to his own perceptions vs. the reality. Tim began to step into the very heart and soul of what he wanted to achieve to product extraordinary results. He had developed a clear vision on what it takes to be an actor and a professional model. It simply started by Tim becoming aware of the interference and then taking on the challenges that at one time seemed impossible.
Living into the dream of becoming a model and actor. Tim’s career is taking off in such a way that he is now moving to California. His once dream is now becoming a reality. Tim enjoys waking up to the challenge of his new career.

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