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Keynote Speaking | Performance In Motion


Performance in Motion's Dan DeMuth is well known for working with high performance teams and individuals around the country. His speaking and coaching is designed for those bold enough to take on challenges to achieve extra ordinary results. 


Dan's keynote speaking events will motivate and inspire your team to strive for success and reach progressively higher goals. Dan's speaking engagements are interactive -- he'll keep your audience captivated. 


During the insightful and fun event, your audience will be amazed when they realize how quickly they can make changes in their lives. Our strategies are impactful and designed to influence individuals and teams, helping them reach their full potential in all aspects of life.


Let us customize the experience to fit your team’s needs. Whether it’s a group of 10 or 1000, we'll create a presentation that focuses on your specific business goals. With a minimum of two hours, we can engage interactively with your team so they apply core principles to gain peak performance business and personal goals.

Concepts to Explore
Awareness - The Power Of Focus

Self-awareness and  accurately perceiving your performance and relationships is the critical beginning of any change. Performance In Motion helps facilitate this vital step. The Power Of Focus allows you to remain unattached to the things you can't control while remaining clear on your intention.

Openness to Change

Change is hard, but our approach makes it enjoyable. Learn how to open up to new possibilities.

Perception vs. Reality

Knowing the difference between perception and reality is key to making the changes you and your team need. We help you identify these needs and execute on them.

Developing Clear Intentions

Once you see the reality of where you and your team are, you can be intentional about making changes. We help you make this change and do so where ease.

Team Engagement
Dan DeMuth Keynote Speaking

Trust is confidence built by experience. When you acknowledge your team member's value and expertise you work towards the goals that positively affect all team members. Performance In Motion will help you and your team members see each others strengths and use them accordingly.

Creative Thinking

Reaching for new goals release your team's creative energy and produces confidence in each person. Your team will build trust, gain confidence through creative thinking to help facilitate innovation and problem solving.

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