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About Performance In Motion

What makes Performance In Motion unique is our kinetic activity based learning process. The participant moves between a boardroom discussion area and the virtual hands on workshop. The virtual experience will allow you to see and feel your performance while the boardroom environment will give you a forum to reflect on the changes you want to make. You can share with others and test strategies for improved performance.

Get to know Dan DeMuth of Performance In Motion
Dan DeMuth

Coaching for over 30 years . . .

Dan DeMuth has over three decades of coaching experience. He played competitive golf in high school and college. He attended Farris State University for professional golf management. He then worked at several prestigious clubs throughout the country.

Through his coaching experience, Dan noticed that average golfers tend to focus on the wrong things. They work hard on the grip, stance and swing, but have no target, strategy, vision or ability to let go of the bad shots they take. But if a golfer played with the possibilities in mind, they could become a champion. Dan found that a golfer's ability to generate sustained focus was what most frequently led them to success.

Dan went from instruction to coaching. His clients had breakthrough experiences both on and off the course. The benefits led to lower scores with less physical effort in their golf game. Dan wasn't only helping his clients with how well they golfed, he was improving their approach to business and their personal goals as well.

Soon Dan was coaching more than just athletes. Companies and business professionals around the country began to benefit from Dan DeMuth's bold training for a management of mindset.

Business executives improved their like skills through golf with Dan's Power of Focus and Discovery vision workshops.

Today Dan DeMuth provides keynote speaking and extensive coaching in team building, sales coaching, sports coaching, and overall leadership. His most prominent topics and core principles are: Awareness of Current Situation, The Power Of Focus, and Overcoming Interference.

Through leadership and coaching, Dan DeMuth and Performance In Motion continues to sculpt individualized, realistic means to personal goals and vision while improving quality of life in peak performance.

"Over the years, it became clear that success on the golf course often led to success in the other areas of life for those that have been open to coaching. There is no question that our personal, professional, and even our hobbies, are connected to one another. I am proud of the unique experience that helps my clients achieve their goals. Integrating mind and body while addressing all areas of clients' lives is incredibly powerful. Golf? Hate golf? It does not matter. Together, we can—and will—achieve your goals."

 Dan DeMuth

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