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Secrets Of A Golf Whisperer

Did you know that your mental game directly relates to your physical game? Our programs help you improve your mental game, develop clarity and vision while having fun and achieving peak performance.

You've worked hard to master the physical skills, but simply aren't getting better? You execute the fundamentals beautifully in practice, but once you start keeping score, your game seems to go away. Your mind races and muscles tighten. You perform below your capabilities and give in to the interference from within and other players. The frustrations build and the fun stops. Does this sound familiar?

Just like your physical game, the mental game needs guidance from an experienced coach. With the right tools, you'll be amazed at how fast you can change.

Secrets of the Golf Whisperer's proven programs have helped countless individuals develop the psychological tool-set they need to fully access and maintain their peak performance. You will develop a powerful new process that allows you to manage distractions and heighten your awareness of the target, allowing you to play in peak performance.

What You'll Experience

Customized Discovery Program with the Power of Focus

We begin with an assessment, informal roundtable discussion and experiential learning using mental game training techniques that help individuals become aware of what they are thinking and doing. The coaching process brings a new perspective to optimize performance. You will:

  • Learn to play in the moment

  • Become aware of thoughts that affect performance

  • Develop a process to achieve peak performance

  • Learn to minimize external and internal distractions

  • Detach your thoughts from outcomes to become your own non-judging coach

  • Trust your capabilities and develop a firm understanding of your target

How You'll Benefit
Golf Coaching | Dan DeMuth Performance In Motion
  • Bring clarity to your vision and goals

  • Increased performance

  • Identify and focus on meaningful targets

  • Focus on what you want to accomplish while removing interference

  • Re-frame perceptions to eliminate distractions

  • Realize your true potential while remaining open to the possibilities and unattached to the result

  • Play "in the zone" more often

  • Renewed passion and love for your sport

  • Master your thoughts, feelings and actions

"As a first year college golfer, I was thrown into a new environment, socially, academically and athletically. Through training with Dan, I was able to overcome the adversity of my situation and trust myself. Focusing on positive outcomes and understanding how interference throughout a round or life can affect these outcomes, has help me both on and off the course."

- Preston, College golfer 

Learn More About Performance In Motion
Golf Instruction
Fitness Training

Golf instructions tends to be filled with tips and drills, but rarely does it fit every player. At Performance In Motion, we believe every player's swing is unique and must be treated that way.

We teach and coach believing that the mental game is the most importance aspect. When making a swing changes, movement skill changes or simply changing grip/setup, we believe that you should always focus on the mind and body. When this happens: you learn faster and retain information better.

We believe fitness is an integral part of playing the game at the highest level. Our staff is TPI-certified and uses 15 screens to help identify physical limitations that shape a player's swing and contribute to painful movements or swing flaws.

We believe in the importance of understand a player's physical limitations. Once we understand your limitations, we can build a swing that fits you and not someone else. Then, the learning process of mind and body becomes far easier!

On-Course Coaching
On-Going Coaching

Have you already attended The Power Of Focus workshop? On-Course coaching is provided as a next step for those who are looking for guided coaching on the golf course

Customized coaching programs are available for those that have participated in the Power of Focus or Discovery Program.

The Sustained Coaching program allows Discovery graduates to continue to improve. You'll update your vision and goals on a quarterly basis and receive coaching on and off the course.

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