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Sports Performane | Performance In Motion


Who Will Benefit?
  • High school players, their parents, teams and coaches

  • Individual college athlete, college team, coaches and parents

  • Professional athletes

Develop clarity and vision and have fun while achieving peak performance.

You've worked hard to master the physical skills, but simply are not getting better. You execute the fundamentals beautifully in practice, but in a game scenario, your peak performance is no where to be found. Your mind races and muscles tighten. Your perform below your capabilities and give in to the interference of your mind and those around you. The frustration builds and the fun seemed to have stopped. Sound familiar?

Performance In Motion has helped countless leaders and teams develop the physiological tool-set they need to fully access and maintain peak performance—both as individuals and within their team. You will develop a powerful new strategy that lets you manage distractions and heightens your awareness of the target, allowing you to play at your best. The magic of believing happens when you are comfortable playing beyond what you once thought was impossible.

What You'll Experience

Customized Discovery Program with the Power of Focus

We begin with an assessment, informal roundtable discussion and experiential learning using mental game training techniques that help individuals become aware of what they are thinking and doing. The coaching process brings a new perspective to optimize performance. You will:

  • Learn to play in the moment

  • Become aware of thoughts that affect performance

  • Develop a process to achieve peak performance

  • Learn to minimize external and internal distractions

  • Detach your thoughts from outcomes to become your own non-judging coach

  • Trust your capabilities and develop a firm understanding of your target

"We have integrated these techniques for our players for the past 13 years. It allows them deal with interfereence and focus. Since then, we have played in the state tournament six times."

- Tom B. High School Hockey Coach

How You'll Benefit
  • Bring clarity to your vision and goals

  • Identify and focus on meaningful targets

  • Focus on what you want to accomplish while removing interference

  • Re-frame perceptions to eliminate distractions

  • Realize your true potential while remaining open to the possibilities and unattached to the results

  • Ply in "the zone/moment" more often and beware of what is happening when not

  • Use the techniques provided to make changes

  • Renew your passion and love for the sport

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