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With Dan DeMuth
Dan DeMuth | Performace In Motion Owner



Busness Coahing | Performance In Motion
Business Coaching

Are you looking to manage your business more efficiently? Dan DeMuth can help! With Dan learn how utilize his executive coaching and business coaching techniques that will get your company reaching its goals.

We specialize in working with leadership, sales and executive teams who are committed to growth. The coaching process allows for creative thinking and achieving all while having fun.

Sports Performance | Performace In Motion
Keynote Speaking by Dan DeMuth
Golf Coacing by Dan DeMuth
Golf Coaching

Are you stuck with the same scores but know you can do better? Most people work hard on their grip stance and swing, while this is important, this process does not allow for the integration of the mental game.

Peak performance happens with mental then physical coaching.

Sports Performance Coaching

Most individuals and teams work hard on their skills, but sometimes hard work alone is not enough. Developing your mental skills will take your performance to the next level.

If you own a small or family business, manage a large corporation, or are a team leader looking for help with team coaching, Dan DeMuth has what you need to create an efficient and productive work environment with your company.

Keynote Speaking

Organizing for optimal performance.

Our keynote speaking engagements cater to your business and personal goals, golf and sports. Our proven background and philosophy can help in all the areas of your life.

Coaching by Performance In Motion

About Us

What makes Performance In Motion unique is our kinetic activity based learning process. The participant moves between a boardroom discussion area and the virtual hands on workshop. The virtual experience will allow you to see and feel your performance while the boardroom environment will give you a forum to reflect on the changes you want to make. You can share with others and test strategies for improved performance.

The experienced coaching staff at Performance In Motion brings distinct strength and specialties to the company. We work together as a team to help you reach your peak performance and have an enjoyable experience.

The Secrets of the Golf Whisperer

by Dan DeMuth

Whether you're looking to improve your golf game, business or personal performance, take it from the Golf Whisperer, Dan DeMuth. Dan has been coaching for over 30 years and has helped countless individuals improve their abilities by applying the same approach on and off the course.

This book provides powerful insights for creative and breakthrough thinking. By mastering your true authentic game both on and off the course, golfers, executives and entrepreneurs alike will recognize the changes needed to apply the power of focus and achieve their goals. Secrets Of The Golf Whisperer offers a fresh outlook to achieving your goals.

The Golf Whisperer
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